Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An unexpected error ocurred and your request couldn't be handled. After you install Exchange 2010 SP1 RU 3 in CAS server using redirect !!!!!

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after you install Exchange 2010 Sp1 RU3 (the good roll up .. of course), in CAS server.., OWA stops working when we want to create a new email, or try to access to options or try access to some of the commands shown in the figure:

And the error that we get is:

This happens when we are using the IIS redirection, to redirect from to https:/ / /owa

Remembering how we use redirect in our CAS:


The problem is in the web.config file that is in the ExchangeInstallPath% path% \ClientAccess\owa, there is an entry in this file that redirects all that come to this site, creating a recursive loop and that the IIS can not handle , and because of this failure.

Deleting entry

        <httpRedirect enabled="true" exactDestination="false" />
We have also seen that when we want to open the  OWA's options, although we have not a message error ... it is on the same page and does not enter a / ECP ... same entry exists in the same file in%ExchangeInstallPath%\clientAccess\ecp

Delete this entry
<httpRedirect childOnly="true" />

After that do an IISRESET re enter to OWA and will be able to create a new email and return to normal operation.

I hope you find it useful.


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  1. Excellent..It resolved the issue for us .Thanks Dario


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