Thursday, July 28, 2011

NEWS!!! Announcing the re-release of Exchange 2010 SP1 Rollup 4

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Del site del Team de Exchange

"Earlier today the Exchange CXP team released an updated version of Update Rollup 4 for Exchange Server 2010 SP1 to the Download Center. This updated release is being made available after a complete review and revalidation of the list of fixes included in the previously released version of Rollup 4 dated June 22, 2011.
The review completed by the Exchange CXP team determined that the issue identified in 'KB 2581545: The copy or move operation on a folder that contains subfolders does not work as expected after you install Update Rollup 4 for Exchange Server 2010 SP1 dated June 22, 2011’ introduced a serious regression in the original release of Rollup 4. As a result, a new version of Rollup 4 dated July 23, 2011 has been tested and released with the change that caused the regression removed. The re-release of Rollup 4 is tracked by 'KB 2579150: Description of Update Rollup 4 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1'.
The updated Rollup 4 is being released to allow customers to install the list of fixes previously committed to on the normal rollup schedule using normal rollup installation routines without the need for further action. The re-released version of Rollup 4 is functionally equivalent to the combination of the original Rollup 4 release and (the interim updatein) KB 2581545. Here are answers to some install questions:
  • Customers who have installed KB 2509910 (Rollup 4, dated June 22, 2011) and KB2581545 (fix for Rollup 4 regression) do not need to install KB 2579150 (re-released Rollup 4) but may do so if they choose to.
  • Customers who have already installed KB 2581545 and want to update their systems to the updated Rollup 4 should first uninstall KB 2581545 (or any interim updates) prior to installing the new rollup.
  • You do not need to uninstall original RU4 (KB 2509910) to install the re-released RU4 package (KB2579150).
  • The re-release of Rollup 4 does not change the release plans for Update Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1. Rollup 5 is currently scheduled to release in August 2011.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

NEWS !!! AGAIN!!!! Exchange 2010 SP1 RU4 Removed from Download Center

We have discovered an issue impacting some customers who have installed Exchange 2010 SP1 RU4 into their Exchange environment and as a result have removed SP1 RU4 from Download Center and recommend customers do not proceed with any planned deployments of SP1 RU4.

A small number of customers have reported when the Outlook client is used to move or copy a folder that subfolders and content for the moved folder are deleted. After investigation we have determined that the folder and item contents do not appear in the destination folder as expected but may be recovered from the Recoverable Items folder (what was previously known as Dumpster in older versions of Exchange) from the original folder. This behavior occurs due to a customer requested change in SP1 RU4 which allowed deleted Public Folders to be recovered. Outlook and Exchange are not correctly processing the folder move and copy operations causing the folder contents to appear to be deleted. OWA and Exchange Web Services clients are not affected by this change and process the folder move or copy actions correctly.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amig@s..Released: Update Rollup 4 for Exchange Server 2007 SP3 (KB2509911)

Recien salidito del horno
Lo pueden bajar de acá
Estas son las cosas que resuelve (

  • 2531208  ( ) You cannot synchronize a folder hierarchy by using Outlook for Mac 2011 in an Exchange Server 2007 SP3 environment
  • 2528437  ( ) EWS applications cannot connect to Exchange Server 2007 servers after you make changes on accepted domains
  • 2521063  ( ) You are incorrectly displayed as a meeting organizer after you synchronize the meeting by using your mobile device in an Exchange Server 2007 environment
  • 2517337  ( ) You cannot open a mailbox that has a "#" character in the primary SMTP email address by using OWA in an Exchange Server 2007 environment
  • 2515428  ( ) The MSExchangeMailboxAssistants.exe process crashes when the managed folder assistant tries to journal a message in an Exchange Server 2007 environment
  • 2508872  ( ) The W3WP.exe process in the Autodiscover application pool on the Exchange Server 2007 Client Access servers consumes excessive CPU resources
  • 2507374  ( ) "Cannot open this item" error message in Outlook online mode in an Exchange Server 2007 environment
  • 2506827  ( ) An UM auto attendant times out and generates an invalid extension number error message in an Exchange Server 2007 environment
  • 2502276  ( ) A meeting request series are deleted unexpectedly from the calendar in an Exchange Server 2007 environment
  • 2498924  ( ) "Could not connect to a directory server" error message when you click the last page button in the search results in Exchange Server 2007 OWA
  • 2498156  ( ) OLM/OLD incorrectly runs against databases in a RSG in an Exchange Server 2007 environment
  • 2496806  ( ) A mobile phone times out when you use ActiveSync to synchronize the calendar on the mobile phone with an Exchange Server 2007 mailbox
  • 2543879  ( ) A PDF attachment sent from a Mac Mail client does not display when you open the email message by using Outlook 2010 in an Exchange Server 2007 SP3 environment
  • 2491751  ( ) Spell checking does not function correctly in OWA when an S/MIME control is used and SSL Offloading is enabled in Exchange Server 2007
  • 2484147  ( ) "HTTP Error 400 Bad Request" error message when you use OWA to log on to a newly created Exchange Server 2007 mailbox
  • 2466220  ( ) Question mark (?) characters appear in the subject of a reply email message in an Exchange Server 2007 environment
  • 2223294  ( ) A new feature is available to disable the "No end date" check box in OWA when you create a recurring meeting item in an Exchange Server 2007 environment
  • 977906  ( ) You receive an error message when you run certain commands in the EMS on an Exchange Server 2007 server
  • 2495010  ( ) The EdgeTransport.exe process consumes 100% CPU usage on an Exchange Server 2010 Edge Transport server or an Exchange Server 2007 Edge Transport server
  • 2484817  ( ) A mailbox does not show in certain address lists after you run commands on an Exchange Server 2007 mailbox

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Roll UP 4 para Exchange 2010 SP1 listo para bajar

La lista de fixes resueltos puede encontrarse en:

Descarga el RU 4 para Exchange 2010 SP1 desde:


¿Cómo borrar solo un buzón desconectado de una base de datos en Exchange 2010?

Buenos días amig@s .....con muuuucho frío en Buenos Aires. Como tod@s sabemos la forma de purgar buzones desconectados ha cambiado desde la versión 2003, para la version 2010 (tambien para 2007) exite un cmd-let llamado Clean-Database , este comando puraga todos los buzones desconectados de la base de datos, recuperando ese espacio. Me ocurrió el caso que necesité solo purgar algunos buzones y no todos los desconectados de la base de datos, ya que política de la empresa puede neceitar que los buzones borrados permanezcan desconectados por 30 días. Entonces la forma de purgar buzones particulares lo podemos hacer en dos pasos, con el comando Remove-StoreMailbox :

1. [PS] C:\>Get-MailboxStatistics -Database "MBX1DB05" | Where-Object {$_.DisconnectDate -Notlike $NULL} | FL DisplayName,DisconnectDate, MailboxGuid

DisplayName    : User2
DisconnectDate : 6/11/2011 5:00:47 AM
MailboxGuid    : f9511662-341f-40f5-96b2-4f2bc0d3ecb4

2. Remove-StoreMailbox -Database MBX1DB05 -Identity "f9511662-341f-40f5-96b2-4f2bc0d3ecb4" -MailboxState softdeleted 

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Mensajes encolados en algunas Base de Datos sin ser entregados en Exchange 2010

 Amig@s...Vuelvo a postear después de un mes....

Después de una semana sin backups en nuestros Exchange 2010 server, vemos como poco a poco el espacio en los discos de logs se va consumiendo.
Repentinamente vemos que correos hacia las bases que no podemos backpear, no son entregados y que comienzan a encolarse desde los HUBs hacia esas bases, quedando las colas en estado Retry sin poder conectarse.
Como primer medida tratamos de hacer switchover con resultados negativos, al reiniciar el servicio de submission en el MBX server vemos el evento de abajo:

Available disk space for the database logs is extremely low. Message delivery to the database may be stopped.

Esto se debe a la configuración del"Back Pressure" 

Entender y arreglar problemas en Microsoft Exchange Server Integration con Microsoft Lync Server 2010

English Version


recién lanzado este white paper "Understanding and Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange Server Integration", escrito por  Dave Howe (

Desde el documento:

"El propósito de este documento es introducir al lector en algunas de las características de cliente nuevas que están disponibles cada vez que el software de comunicaciones Microsoft ® Server ™ 2010 Lync está integrado con Microsoft ® Exchange Server 2010. Con éxito la integración de estas dos soluciones de comunicaciones empresariales puede ser un reto, especialmente teniendo en cuenta que existen diferencias sutiles en la forma en que los servicios de cada producto son utilizados por los clientes del servidor Lync 2.010 .