Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NEWS!!!!! ---Serious Risk of Database Corruption with Exchange 2007 SP3 Update Rollup 3

Over the weekend, the Exchange Product Group was made aware of an issue which may lead to database corruption if you are running Exchange 2007 Service Pack 3 with Update Rollup 3 (Exchange 2007 SP3 RU3). Specifically, the issue was introduced in Exchange 2007 SP3 RU3 by a change in how the database is grown during transaction log replay when new data is written to the database file and there are no available free pages to be consumed.
This issue is of specific concern in two scenarios: 1) when transaction log replay is performed by the Replication Service as part of ensuring the passive database copy is up-to-date and/or 2) when a database is not cleanly shut down and recovery occurs.

While only a small number of customers have been affected to date, we believe the risk is significant enough that we are recommending all customers to uninstall Exchange 2007 SP3 RU3 on all Mailbox Servers and Transport servers. Uninstalling the rollup will revert the system back to the previously installed version. We have also removed the Exchange 2007 SP3 RU3 download from the Microsoft Download Center and from Microsoft Update until we are able to produce a new version of the rollup.

When this issue occurs, the following similar events are logged in the Application Event log of the Mailbox server. Regardless of whether you see these types of events, you should review the recovery instructions and begin that process. If you are uncomfortable performing any of these steps please contact Microsoft Support for assistance.
  • Event ID: 454
    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: ESE
    Event Category: Logging/Recovery
    Description: Microsoft.Exchange.Cluster.ReplayService (12716) Recovery E20 SG1\DB1: Database recovery/restore failed with unexpected error -4001.
  • Event ID: 2095
    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: MSExchangeRepl
    Event Category: Service
    Description: Log file D:\logs\SG1\E200006AFAE.log in SG1\DB1 could not be replayed. Re-seeding the passive node is now required. Use the Update-StorageGroupCopy cmdlet in the Exchange Management Shell to perform a re-seed operation
  • Event ID: 2097
    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: MSExchangeRepl
    Event Category: Service
    Description: The Microsoft Exchange Replication Service encountered an unexpected Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) exception in storage group 'SG1\DB1'. The ESE exception is a read was issued to a location beyond EOF (writes will expand the file) (-4001) ().


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