Friday, March 18, 2011

Enabling POP3 and IMAP protocol settings via ADSI (VBScript)

When you install Exchange and create all your mailboxes by default every mailbox will have POP3,IMAP and HTTP protocols enabled. Good practice is if you don't want people to use these protocols is just disable the protocols on the server which makes the user account settings redundant. But this is not always possible and sometimes you need to leave POP3 and IMAP access enabled for some applications or clients. So to stop people using POP3 and IMAP it can be a good idea to disable that protocol on their Active Directory user account

Set objOU = GetObject(ldap://CN=user1,OU=UserH,DC=company,DC=net/)
objOU.PutEx 2, "protocolSettings",ARRAY("HTTP§1§1§§§§§§","OWA§0","MAPI§0§§§§§§§","POP3§1§1§4§ISO-8859-1§0§§§","IMAP4§1§1§4§ISO-8859-1§0§1§0§



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